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Computer Systems

As part of our comprehensive service we offer our customers a complete range of computer system hardware built to the highest standards and at unbeatable prices. It is our intention to ensure that you get systems tailored precisely to your requirements, you don't have to pay for what you don't need. Our custom build approach means that we can supply the system box only or full packages, with  specifications optimised for the full range of applications from basic office word processing tasks to high-end 3D graphics workstations. 

We also offer standard ranges of machines with specifications which we believe offer the best cost to performance ratios for either general business applications or home / multimedia users. Included in our pricing for these machines is our 'get you on the road' service. We do not supply a stack of boxes and leave you to sort out what to do next, we install, commission and ensure that you can start to get the use of the machine, immediately. If you have a problem with a machine we will not leave you hanging on a 'customer support line' for hours, we will get you 'back on the road' with a minimum of fuss and delay.

Business Systems

The primary requirement for computer systems in the business is that they will get the job done. This means that they must be straight forward and dependable, it is a simple fact that the 'kiss' philosophy (keep it simple, stupid) works, the less that can go wrong means the less often it will. Our business systems are based around the well proven Intel Celeron and Pentium III processors in conjunction with either the new Intel 815 chipset. We employ Fujitsu and IBM hard disc drives, renowned for their performance and reliability and award winning A-Open CD, CD-RW and DVD drives. Our monitors are manufactured by ADI whose products are consistently at the top of the performance reviews.

We have adopted Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional as the operating system for our business range, it possesses levels of stability and security which are in a completely different class from the home user orientated Windows 95/98/ME products.

Computers are not all alike and similar specifications can disguise very different standards. We do not use 'cheap' components but the low rate of failure on test and low warranty costs which we experience with these machines allows our prices to compete with those of substantially inferior systems.

Multimedia Systems

Our multimedia systems are designed and built to give the 'biggest bang per buck'. In virtually all benchmark tests the AMD Duron and Athlon processors outgun their Intel rivals by a significant margin and at a lower cost. Combined with the latest chipsets from VIA or from AMD themselves the performance benefits of these processors are compelling. When we add to this the state of the art graphics sub-systems from n-Vidia or ATI and a high performance DVD player, our multimedia range can easily handle the demands of the latest games, high performance video and educational multimedia applications.

Specifications and Prices

The emphasis on performance does not of course mean that we compromise our quality standards. The very performance of Athlon processors requires that for reliable operation critical components should be chosen only if they appear on the compatibility lists published by AMD.

System Enquiries

Link to Enquiry FormIf the specifications of the business and multimedia ranges do not cover any requirements that you may have then our custom design and build service is for you. Not only can we provide systems to your exact requirements but you may also find that significant cost savings can be made. For full details please click for further information and complete the enquiry form.

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