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A Complete Service

Whether you are contemplating a first time web presence or have an existing site which is not working for you we are able to offer a full range of web services to get you successfully into the virtual world. We also specialise in corporate Intranet design enabling you to share information securely throughout your organisation. We can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Consultancy

  • Domain registration

  • Site design

  • Page authoring

  • Site hosting

  • Mail configuration

  • Site promotion

  • Site support

We also have standard packages which get your site up and running with minimum fuss. All we require is a little information about your company, its products and services, and some graphics or photos then we do the rest. The process takes about seven to ten days and the total cost for a year can be less than a single small advertisement in a local newspaper.

Web Site Design

As you browse the web you will find that the quality of site designs varies enormously. Some of the largest sites on the web, despite their vast content, remain a pleasure to browse with clear clues to navigation and pages which download in seconds. Other much smaller sites are frankly a pain, far too much information contained within a single page, excessive use of graphics which in themselves are poorly optimised for web site purposes and navigation which seems to be calculated to confuse. Your web site is useless if visitors just get bored and go away!

A successful site designer must do achieve basic goals, attract visitors to the site and keep them there until you have got your message across. The first goal is largely achieved by designing the site to be 'robot friendly', robots in this case being the programs used by the operators of the major search engines which examine web sites and determine search results rankings on the basis of what they find. It is also important to get as many links as possible into your site from other relevant or related sites. The second is achieved by keeping page content within reasonable bounds, optimising graphics files and providing clear and consistent navigation aids.

If you're reading this (despite the waffle) then we have perhaps succeeded with our site design, maybe we can do the same for you. 

Web Site Hosting

We don't operate a server 'farm', we could never provide you with a truly competitive service. We do use Europe's largest WPP (Web Presence Provider) whose economies of scale mean that you get a fast reliable feature packed service for incredibly little money. So what do we do? We submit your domain registration, we remotely configure the server features, we upload the site contents and test functionality, we configure your mail services and any database or other services required for interactivity with your visitors. 

For the more technically inclined these are a few of the features we can offer:

  • 300MB of web space, 10,000MB data transfer

  • 200 pop mail boxes, 50MB  per box

  • 500 mail forwarding addresses

  • FrontPage Server extensions

  • Support for CGIs, SSIs etc.

  • Full graphical site statistics

If you aren't happy with your existing hosting service or you think its too expensive but you don't want the complications of 'doing it yourself' then talk to us, we can organise a trial run with your existing site content and, if you're happy, arrange the transfer of your site registration and relocate the site with a minimum of fuss.

Web Site Maintenance

So your web site is fine, good visitor statistics, lots of new business, but for how long? Site content soon goes out of date, links become broken and search engines soon forget about you. Web sites need maintenance to keep them working and to protect the image of your organisation. We can provide a range of maintenance services to keep your site in pristine condition.

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